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Demand for the healthful, fresh food packages that GoodFood Help provides is far outpacing supply. if you can donate food or funds to help us provide relief to Torontonians experiencing temporary food insecurity, please click one of the buttons below.

About the Project

It all started with a banana...

In April 2016, Toronto lawyer Kate Salter saw a man on Bunz Trading Zone request a banana. He wasn't going hungry, but unexpectedly low finances had left him with just a can of tuna and a jar of peanut butter and a craving for fresh food. Salter offered a parcel of produce to the man, and even though she never heard back, it got her thinking: how many people in the city find themselves experiencing temporary food insecurity; the unexpected, intermittent inability to access nutritious food?

Later that night Salter decided to post an offer to provide packages of healthy food to assist those in short-term need on Bunz Trading Zone. asking that those in need contact her making a request. She went to sleep, and woke up to an outpouring of support, encouragement, engagement as well as prodominently requests for assistance

The overwhelming response included offers of executive involvement from several experienced professionals within the community. Salter decides to join forces with [multi-media] Design Creative Director, Shannon Candido as co-founders of the organization followed by forming a core leadership team consisting of dedicated, talented volunteers, creating GoodFood Help, a peer-to-peer innitiative that aims to deliver healthful, nutritious parcels of food to Toronto residents who are experiencing instances of food insecurity. The organization provides an innovative type discreet model of assistance to residents of the city. Unlike many items offered by food banks, GoodFood Help produce packs consist of fresh fruits and vegetables and often will also include prepared meals or snacks that are nutritionally dense. Each produce pack is designed to respond to incoming requests for assistance with sudden instances of food insecurity, many of which are urgent or emergencies.  

If you or someone you know are in need of help, contact GoodFood Help at requests@goodfoodhelp. com. To donate or volunteer, giving@goodfoodhelp.com 

Our Mission

To provide healthful, nutritious food to Torontonians experiencing temporary, unexpected food insecurity

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