• Food insecurity can happen to anyone, anytime.

    GoodFood help provides healthful, nutritious food to Torontonians
    experiencing temporary, unexpected food insecurity.

  • The cost of a nutritious food basket

    has increased 20 per cent since 2009.

  • Providing healthful, nutritious fresh food, delivered directly, discreetly

    and compassionately into the hands of Torontonians in need.

You Can Help!

By joining our team of volunteers

With various volunteer positions available, either on the front lines or behind the scenes, we will find a place that suites your area of interest, talents and lifestyle.

Do you Need Help?

If you or someone you know

are experiencing an instance of food insecurity, please contact us to receive a produce pack

In 2012, 4 million individuals in Canada, including 1.15 million children, experienced some level of food insecurity. This represents nearly 13% of Canadian households.

Who, What, Why?

Who are we Helping?

We are helping people just like you – pet owners who have an unexpected vet bill, freelancers whose clients are late paying them, people who work odd jobs with non-guaranteed hours. Food insecurity can happen to any of us. We are a peer-to-peer initiative. The people we help are our fellow Torontonians.


Around 12 per cent of households in Toronto experience food insecurity. This is defined as inadequate or insecure access to food because of financial constraints. Many people just need a helping hand until they are back on their feet. Some people don’t think they are the right clients for a traditional food bank or feel there is a stigma attached to visiting a food bank. We meet our clients one-on-one in a neutral location arranged at a convenient time. No one will know that you are receiving our help unless you choose to share that information.


DONATE: Our priority is to get fresh, nutritious food into the hands of our neighbours and peers. To succeed in meeting our mission, we shop for food as close as possible to the day we get it into our clients’ hands. You can help us by keeping our grocery bills paid! Your cash donation will go a long way to ensuring your neighbours and peers get fresh food when they need it the most.

VOLUNTEERS: We are entirely volunteer-run. If you’d like to help us in our mission, please fill out the form below to express your interest and help us learn a little more about you.

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